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Download YOUTUBE : Create a Successful Gaming Channel video training course

Link Download YOUTUBE : Create a Successful Gaming Channel video tutorials

YOUTUBE Create a Successful Gaming Channel
YOUTUBE Create a Successful Gaming Channel

Download YOUTUBE Create a Successful Gaming Channel
Download YOUTUBE Create a Successful Gaming Channel

Year of manufacture: 2016
Manufacturer: Udemy
Manufacturer’s website: www.udemy.com
Manufacturer Website: 02:38:38
Type of distribution: Video lesson
English language
Not a successful non-kit nonsense tool on how to create, record, edit, publish and promote your new channel
This course covers it all. From starting out advice, using the proper software, understanding all the nitty gritty settings, clearing up audio and how to put everything together.
The course is put in to sections, so even if you’re not a gamer, you will still learn a lot about YouTube content creation.
├── 1 – Preparing for YouTube Sucess
│ ├── Checking Terms and Conditions for Recording rights and YouTube publishing.mp4
│ ├── Introduction and Overview to this YouTube Creator Course.mp4
│ └── YouTube – Creating a popular YouTube channel – First Steps.mp4
├── 2 – Screen Capture Software – Open Broadcaster Software
│ ├── Installing OBS.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 1 – Introducing and General Settings.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 2 – Encoding for YouTube.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 3 – Broadcast Settings.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 4 – Video Settings.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 5 – Audio Settings.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 6 – Hotkeys.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 7 – Advanced Settings.mp4
│ ├── Open Broadcaster Software Part 8 – Quick Sync Encoder settings for Intel Chipset.mp4
│ └── Using Open Broadcaster Softare.mp4
├── 3 – Audio Recording – Using Audacity
│ ├── Downloading Audacity – It’s 100% free folks.mp4
│ └── Using Audacity to clean up your YouTube Video’s Sound.mp4
├── 4 – Editing your YouTube videos
│ ├── Downloading Free to Use Music from YouTube.mp4
│ ├── Editing your YouTube video – adding music to gameplay.mp4
│ ├── Editing your YouTube video – cutting out mistakes and boring bits.mp4
│ ├── Editing your YouTube video – Using Movie Maker to do Time Lapse.mp4
│ ├── How to Synchronise Your Audio and Video Files.mp4
│ └── Using Handbrake to convert and compress your YouTube videos.mp4
├── 5 – YOUTUBE – Setting up your account and channel, how to upload and publish videos
│ ├── Add Annotations to your YouTube video.mp4
│ ├── How to compress your file for easier YouTube upload.mp4
│ ├── How to verify your YouTube account.mp4
│ ├── Setting your YouTube Channel Art.mp4
│ ├── Time to upload to YouTube !.mp4
│ └── YouTube Channel Creation.mp4
├── 6 – After you have posted your YouTube video
│ ├── 1’800 views on YouTube in about 30 hours! New channel, only video!.mp4
│ ├── How to publish your YouTube video – keywords, meta tags and GO!!!.mp4
│ ├── Posting links to your YouTube video on forums.mp4
│ └── The Final Product – Full YouTube video that I uploaded.mp4
└── 7 – FAQ Answers
└── Why use OBS instead of Camtasia for YouTube videos .mp4

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