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Download Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube video training course

Link Download Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube video tutorials

Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube
Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Download Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube
Download Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Year of manufacture: 2014
Manufacturer: Lynda
Manufacturer’s site: www.lynda.com/YouTube-tutorials/Marketing-Monetizing-YouTube/181240-2.html
Author: Anson Alexander
Duration: 2h 57m
Type of distribution: Video lesson
English language

Description: Join the experienced on YouTube optimizer Hugo Anson Alexander as he shares his strategies for success on the world’s largest video platform. This course shows marketers and others how to create your presence and monetize videos on YouTube, where more than 6 billion hours have been watched over the month.
The course explains how to create a channel and join an affiliate program, and how to attract and best interact with subscribers. You can learn about how to customize your on YouTube about the page, create excellent playlists, and customize the content to draw in onlookers. The course also discusses how to optimize video for search; Add annotations, notes and links; And use on YouTube in InVideo programming. Finally, Hugo Anson shows how to use analytics on YouTube, explaining statistics to focus your efforts to better manage your content.

Introduction 1m 18s
Welcome 54s
Using the exercise files 24s
1. Marketing and Monetizing Overview 22m 9s
YouTube versus other video hosting platforms 4m 4s
Setting goals and expectations for YouTube 9m 22s
Understanding effective content strategies 8m 43s
2. Getting Started with YouTube 28m 18s
Creating a business account on YouTube 5m 8s
Reviewing the YouTube Creator Studio dashboard 3m 26s
Optimizing your video before uploading 7m 7s
Uploading videos to YouTube 4m 31s
Advanced video upload settings 8m 6s
3. Monetizing Your Channel with the YouTube Partner Program 18m 7s
Understanding YouTube advertising 6m 1s
Applying to the YouTube Partner Program 4m 48s
Receiving payments 3m 15s
Additional YouTube monetization options 4m 3s
4. Building an Audience 20m 17s
Attracting subscribers 6m 49s
Using social sharing 2m 18s
Working in the YouTube Community section 4m 38s
Commenting on YouTube 2m 32s
Customizing Community settings 4m 0s
5. Customizing Your YouTube Channel 35m 15s
Writing the About page for your channel 4m 2s
Creating a channel icon and channel art 5m 45s
Adding links to your YouTube channel 3m 39s
Creating playlists 4m 15s
Playlist settings 4m 57s
Customizing your channel page 6m 22s
Advanced channel settings 6m 15s
6. Advanced Video Optimization on YouTube 34m 44s
Optimizing videos for search engines 5m 32s
Performing keyword research for SEO 5m 30s
Adding annotations, notes, and links to videos 4m 27s
Enhancing videos already uploaded to YouTube 4m 54s
InVideo Programming 5m 56s
Secrets to launching a new video successfully 3m 2s
Setting upload defaults 2m 46s
Using Fan Finder 2m 37s
7. Using YouTube Analytics 16m 32s
Which statistics matter? 5m 26s
Navigating YouTube Analytics 5m 10s
Gauging video success with analytics 3m 54s
Using Realtime video statistics 2m 2s
Conclusion 1m 1s
Next steps 1m 1s

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