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Download YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing video training course

Link Download YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing video tutorials

YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing
YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing

Download YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing
Download YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing

Year of manufacture: 2015
Manufacturer: Udemy
Manufacturer Website: udemy.com/youtube-thumbnail-size-treasures
Author: Jeff Zahorsky
Duration: 1:33
Type of distribution: Video clips
English language

Description: Would you like some type of Return on Investment (ROI) when uploading videos to your YouTube account?
KNOW THIS: Capturing eyeballs by means of capturing clicks, views, comments and subscriptions for those YouTube videos in which you have invested time and energy.
Now, if you look around YouTube, you’ll notice many missed opportunities-that is, when it comes to capitalizing on custom thumbnails. If you have not noticed this yet, not to worry! We’re going to look at some of these examples, together.
What you will be equipped with after taking this course is a nice, strong foundation in the essential elements of creating and utilizing eye-popping.
Creating a preview for the videos on Youtube.

Section 1: Introduction
1 Introduction

Section 2: Why Eye-Popping Thumbnails Make Sense
2 Looking at YouTube
3 YouTube Facts – 1 question
4 Looking at YouTube Up Close – 1 page

Section 3: Make Your Thumbnails “Pop” – Thumbnail Essentials
5 Spotting Effective Thumbnail Opportunities
6 Official YouTube Guidelines
7 YouTube Guidelines – 1 question
8 Thumbnail Essential Elements

Section 4: Field Research – Observational Analysis
9 Taking a Closer Thumbnail Look at Two Popular Channels
10 Thumbnail Contrast & Comparisons
11 Thumbnail Set Analysis On Popular Keyword Search
12 Thumbnail Location Considerations

Section 5: Thumbnail Creation Tools
13 Awesome Thumbnail Tools – FREE App Included
14 Color Contrasting Secret Weapon & How to Apply It

Section 6: Applying Best Practices – Practical Application
15 Creating & Structuring Your Thumbnails: Strong Foundations
16 Creating & Structuring Your Thumbnails: Creative Essential Elements
17 Creating & Structuring Your Thumbnails: Communicating is Key
18 Head for the Border
19 Separation for Success
20 Separation Tool
21 Crowd-Parting Thumbnail Ideas
22 Drawing More Attention

Section 7: BONUS: Video Ranking Success for YouTube Thumbnails
23 YouTube Video Ranking Success Techniques & Insights – Keywords
24 YouTube Video Ranking Success Techniques & Insights – Keyword Implementation
25 YouTube Video Ranking Success Techniques & Insights – More SEO Optimization

Section 8: BONUS #2: Exclusive Download Access – Multi-Layered Thumbnail Template
26 Opening Your Thumbnail Template – Introduction
27 Opening Your Thumbnail Template – FREE Tool Tutorial
28 Your Exclusive Eye-Popping Thumbnail Template(s) – Text

Section 9: Upload Your Custom Thumbnail(s)
29 How to Upload Your Custom Thumbnail(s) – 1 page

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