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Download Automating Adobe Photoshop Training Video

Link Download Automating Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials

Automating Adobe Photoshop Training Video
Automating Adobe Photoshop Training Video
Download Automating Adobe Photoshop Training Video
Download Automating Adobe Photoshop Training Video
Description: Adobe Photoshop offers a vast array of tools to help you realize your creative vision. Andy Anderson teaches you how to streamline your workflow by automating frequently.
Photoshop beginners and veterans alike will learn to leverage the power of scripts, shortcuts, and actions to boost their efficiency and reclaim their time and energy to put towards creativity.
* Design shortcuts and workspaces to boost efficiency
* Use actions to automate repetitive tasks
* Harness Photoshop’s built-in automation features to streamline your workflow
* Cut down time spent on tedious processes using scripts
The program Adobe Photoshop offers a huge set of tools to help you realize your creative intentions. Andy Anderson will teach you how to optimize the workflow by automating frequently used processes, so that you can make your creations into the world faster than ever before.
Photoshop beginners and veterans will learn to use the capabilities of scripts, shortcuts and actions to improve their efficiency and gain energy and time for creativity.

01. Introduction
0101 Welcome To The Course
0102 About The Author
0103 Using The Exercise Files

02. Efficiency Essentials
0201 Introduction
0202 Photoshop Shortcuts
0203 Photoshop Workspaces
0204 The Adobe Bridge Connection
0205 Generating Bridge Favorites
0206 Batch Renaming

03. Working With Photoshop Actions
0301 Introduction
0302 The Actions Panel
0303 Creating An Action
0304 Modifying An Existing Action
0305 Adding Text To An Action
0306 Creating An Interactive Action
0307 Adding Menu Items To An Existing Action
0308 Saving And Loading Actions

04. Using Automation Features
0401 Introduction
0402 Batch Processing
0403 Working With Droplets
0404 Creating A PDF Presentation
0405 Using Crop And Straighten
0406 Making A Contact Sheet
0407 Conditional Mode Change
0408 Using Merge To HDR Pro
0409 Working With Photomerge

05. Using Scripts
0501 Introduction
0502 Processing Multiple Images In The Image Processor
0503 Managing Effects And Masks In Multiple Layers
0504 The Scripts Events Manager
0505 Loading Multiple Files Into A Single Document
0506 Utilizing Statistics

06. Conclusion
0601 Final Thoughts

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