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Download How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop video tutorials

Link Download How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop video training course

How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop
How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop
Download How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop
Download How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop
Description: Do not let distractions ruin good photographs! Join Scott Kelby for a class to teach you how to remove all of those distracting elements from your photographs. Whether it is unwanted bright spots in the background, power lines stretching across the sky, walls covered in graffiti, stray hairs on a portrait, or too many tourists in your landscape (to name a few), Scott has a technique to save the day . This class is designed to start you off with an introduction to the essential tools you can add to your skill set. You can even download the project files and follow along. Even if you’re familiar with some of the tools, Scott has included all kinds of little tricks he’s picked up over the years to help you get the job done faster than ever before.

├── 01. How to Remove Distractions in Adobe Photoshop – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 02. Essential Tools – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 03. Spot Removal – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 04. Power Lines – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 05. Stretching a Background – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 06. Removing Tourists – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 07. Blending Layers to Remove Distractions – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 08. Fixing a Pattern – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 09. Removing Signs – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 10. Taking Out the Trash – KelbyOne.mp4
11. Removing Telephone Poles – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 12. Cleaning Graffiti – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 13. Removing Lens Flare – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 14. Scaffolding Removal – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 15. Reducing Halos – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 16. Removing Reflections in Glasses – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 17. Dealing with Banding – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 18. Removing Tattoos – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 19. Dealing with Light Spill – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 20. Opening Eyes – KelbyOne.mp4
21. Clearing Cables – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 22. That’s a Moire – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 23. Reducing Bright Spots – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 24. Stray Hair Removal – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 25. Floral Fixes – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 26. Removing Edge Distractions – KelbyOne.mp4
├── 27. Final Project – KelbyOne.mp4
└── skelby_removing_distractions_downloads.zip

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