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Download Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC video training course

Link Download Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC video tutorials

54Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
54Download Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
Download Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
Description: Students can modify digital images to add creative effects and repair defects. After completing this course, the student will be able to use Photoshop CC to make selections, create and transform layers, apply image adjustments, retouch and repair photos, resize images, and use Adobe Bridge to view and organize files. This course offers a unique delivery method that allows students to feel as if they are in the classroom with the instructor. If you want to learn Photoshop from a seasoned, qualified instructor this course is for you!

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1
Course Overview
Section 2: Photoshop’s Interface
Lecture 2
Understanding the Interface
Section 3: Creating a New Image
Lecture 3
New Dialogue Box
Lecture 4
Brush Tool and Color Picker
Lecture 5
Fill an Image
Section 4: Creating Simple Selections
Lecture 6
Selections – Marquee Tools
Lecture 7
Modifier Keys to Constrain Ratios
Lecture 8
Modifying Selections
Lecture 9
Saving and Reusing Selections
Section 5: Opening Existing Images
Lecture 10
Using the Open Command
Lecture 11
Using Adobe Bridge
Section 6: Resizing, Cropping and Adding Canvas
Lecture 12
Image Size
Lecture 13
Crop Tool
Lecture 14
Canvas Size
Section 7: Advanced Selections
Lecture 15
Lasso Tools
Lecture 16
Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tools
Lecture 17
Horizontal and Vertical Type Mask Tools
Lecture 18
Modifying Selections
Section 8: Pixel Layers
Lecture 19
Working with Pixel Layers
Section 9: Type and Vector Layers
Lecture 20
Using Type Tool and Typography Controls
Lecture 21
Character and Paragraph Settings
Section 10: Adjustment Layers
Lecture 22
Basic Photo Corrections – Applying Adjustments
Lecture 23
Levels and Curves
Lecture 24
Exposure and Color Balance
Lecture 25
Hue/Saturation, Vibrance and Black and White
Section 11: Combining Layers
Lecture 26
Learning to Combine Layers
Section 12: Moving and Transformations
Lecture 27
Flip and Rotate
Lecture 28
Skew, Distort, Perspective and Warp
Section 13: Basic Composites
Lecture 29
Combining Two or More Images
Lecture 30
Adding and Painting a Layer Mask
Lecture 31
Using Gradient for Smooth Transition
Section 14: Retouching and Repairing
Lecture 32
Learning to Retouch and Repair
Section 15: Filters
Lecture 33
Applying Sharpen Filters
Lecture 34
Applying Filters for Special Effects
Lecture 35
Creating Smart Objects
Lecture 36
Using Blur Filters
Section 16: Workflow – Part 1
Lecture 37
Starting the Process
Section 17: Workflow – Part 2
Lecture 38
Finishing and Saving Files

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