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Download Adobe Photoshop : Advanced level video training course

Link Download Adobe Photoshop : Advanced level video tutorials

65Adobe Photoshop Advanced level
Adobe Photoshop Advanced level
65Download Adobe Photoshop Advanced level.
Download Adobe Photoshop Advanced level

Description: In the course you will learn the advanced functionality of Photoshop, consider effective methods of work associated with the complex application of previously learned tools. For productive training on the course you need basic skills in Adobe Photoshop.
Special attention is paid to the professional color correction and the creation of masks of complex objects. You will understand the logic of the operation of color casting modes and learn how to choose the mode of superposition for the solution of a specific problem. At the end of the course, you will be ready to study the specialized capabilities of Photoshop.

Lesson 1.
Theme 1. Curves. Master channel and master curve.
● What is the master channel
● How the master curve works
● In what cases is its use justified
● What tasks she can not cope with
● White, black and gray pipettes

Theme 2. Curves. Channel work with curves.
● Incremental Contrast Enhancement
● Selecting tone ranges in channels
● Where does the color imbalance appear
● Their influence on different areas of the image
● Ways to get rid of negative manifestations
● Split the corrections into separate layers

Lesson 2.
Theme 3. Darkening, brightening and contrasting modes of imposing.
● Pairing relationship of the dimming and brightening modes
● Features of the effect on different tonal ranges
● Communication between modes and real photoprocesses
● Using the dimming and brightening modes when processing an image
● How contrast modes work
● Differences between their algorithms and application features
● Common difficulties in applying contrast modes <

Lesson 3.
Theme 4. Trichromatic image channels.
● What can be found in the light, medium and dark channel of the image
● What each of them is responsible for
● Channel selection when the brightness contrast of the image is increased
● Using channels as blanks for Luminocity overlay

Theme 5. Mixing channels.
● In which case do you mix channels
● Restoring parts using the content of an adjacent channel
● What dangers lie in when mixing channels
● Create a black and white version of the image

Lesson 4.
Theme 6. Difference superposition modes.
● Algorithms of operation of difference modes
● Applying Difference to create masks
● Finding the difference between images using Subtract
● Using the Subtract mode with frequency decomposition

Theme 7. Practical application of the overlay modes.
● The universal sequence of reasoning when selecting a correction
● Select the most suitable blending mode
● Search for a blank for overlaying in channels and its finalization
● Additional reasoning in the case when the procurement could not be found

Lesson 5.
Theme 8. Creating a mask from image channels.
● Search for a mask blank
● Creating a mask from a separate channel
● Mask refinement curves
● Blend If function. What does the mask behind it look like?
● Pros, cons and scope of Blend If

Theme 9. Techniques for finalizing the mask.
● Using multiple channels to create a mask
● Selecting the blend mode when creating a mask
● Manual revision. Tools Dodge Tool, Burn Tool and Brush Tool
● What the blur of the mask gives
● Problems that occur when the mask is blurred with different values ​​of the Radius parameter

Lesson 6.
Theme 10. Creating a mask from image channels.
● HSB model
● How to select the content of the Saturation channel
● Subsequent refinement of the saturation mask
● Applying the saturation mask together with various processing techniques

Theme 11. Mask of a separate color range.
● How the Hue / Saturation tool works
● Selecting a mask of a separate color range
● Follow-up mask
● Preliminary “false” correction, as a way to simplify the work of Hue / Saturation
● Combining masks that select objects according to different principles

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