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Download Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques video training course

Link Download Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques video tutorials

63Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques
Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques
63Download Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques
Download Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques

Description: Hey Graphics Artists! Are you looking to take your Adobe Photoshop skills up a notch? Do you struggle with translating your vision to the digital canvas? This course is designed to help! We will explore advanced Photoshop techniques used by the world’s leading digital artists and you can use those same techniques to increase the quality of your digital artwork. We will go through a quick chapter on the concepts of the techniques, and then work on them.

1.1 Introduction

2.Advanced Tools and Techniques Overview
2.1 Destructive vs. Non-Destructive
2.2 Smart Objects
2.3 Adjustment Layers
2.4 Content Aware Tools
2.5 Actions

3.Roughing in the Scene
3.1 Project Planning
3.2 Clouds and Sky
3.3 Mountain Peaks
3.4 Giant Turtles
3.5 Building a City

4.Putting It All Together
4.1 Custom Cloud Brush
4.2 Selections and Masks
4.3 Filters and Adjustments
4.4 Adding Textures
4.5 Lighting Effects
4.6 Final Touches

5.1 Conclusion

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