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Download iOS 8 Mobile App Design : UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop

Link Download iOS 8 Mobile App Design : UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop full crack

60iOS 8 Mobile App Design UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop
iOS 8 Mobile App Design UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop

60Download iOS 8 Mobile App Design UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop
Download iOS 8 Mobile App Design UI & UX Using Adobe Photoshop
Description: Learn how to design iOS 8 Mobile Apps using Adobe Photoshop from scratch. No Experience needed – Become a Proffesional Mobile App Designer today! You will gain a solid foundation on the WHATs and HOWs to designing your very own iOS 8 Mobile App. This is a structured course that teaches you a systematic way to design your own iOS mobile applications from scratch that will save you years of time.

Chapter 1: Introduction
iOS 8 Mobile App Design
Introduction – What to expect from this course

Chapter 2: Fonts
Where to get best Fonts for designing your Mobile App

Chapter 3: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Where can I buy Adobe Photoshop?
Adobe Photoshop Designer Tools
The Standard iOS 8 Document

Chapter 4: Mobile App Design – The Instagram Mobile App
Building the Instagram Loading Screen
Adobe Photoshop – Save your Designs as PSD and PNG Files

Chapter 5: How To Design The Login Screen
Using the Gradients Tool
Creating the Sign Up Screen

Chapter 6: How To Design The Home Screen
Creating the Direct Icon
Making the Profile Picture
Assembling the Clock Icon
Making the Like Icon
Creating The Buttons (Comment , Like and Report) – Part 1
Creating The Buttons (Comment , Like and Report) – Part 2

Chapter 7: Home Screen: Building the Navigation Bar
Home Icon
Search Icon
Upload Icon
Activity Icon
Profile Icon
Finishing Touches: Grouping and organizing your work

Chapter 8: How To Design The Search Screen
Creating The Search Bar
Creating the Photos Section
Adding the Photos
Creating the People section
Making the Follow button
Finishing Touches

Chapter 9: How To Design The Activity Screen
Creating the Following Screen
Making The Profile, Comment and Picture
Creating the YOU Screen
Creating the Followed Tab

Chapter 10: How To Design The Profile Screen
Profile Bar
Edit Bar
Profile Icon
Map Icon
Photos Of You Icon

Chapter 11: How To Build Your Mobile App Prototype
Adding Clickable Icons To Your Prototype
Share Your Mobile App To The World

Chapter 12: Conclusion – Keep a look out for New Updates
iOS Mobile App Designing is never done

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