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Download Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Training Video

Link Download Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Video tutorials

68Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Training Video
Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Training Video

68Download Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Training Video
Download Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers Training Video

Description: In this Photoshop for Photographers training course, expert author Andy Anderson teaches you advanced techniques for photographers to touch up, correct, and enhance digital and scanned images. This course is designed for users that have a basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
You will start by learning how to organize your images, and then review some basic photographic techniques. Andy will show you how to reduce digital noise through filters, channels, and the raw plug-in. You will then learn how to fix your images using the tools in Photoshop, including the clone tool and healing brush. This video tutorial will cover topics such increasing image sharpness, removing distortion and correcting perspective, and working with multiple images. You will learn how to create custom lighting effects, and how to convert an image to black and white. Andy will teach you how to enhance your portraits, adjust the image with curves, using dodging techniques, and more. Finally, Andy leaves you with some of his tips and tricks, including adding a decorative border, saving custom formats, and aging an image.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have learned of a number of techniques that can be applied to your photographic images. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

01. Getting Started
About Andy
Ground Rules
Top Ten Power Shortcuts From Andy
0105 How To Access Your Working Files

02. Organization Through The Bridge
The Bridge Workspace
Organizing Images By Rate And Rank
Working With Image Stacks
Working With Metadata And Keywords
Using Collections And Smart Collections
Performing A Batch Rename
Capturing An Image From A Camera To Bridge
Working Smart With Mini Bridge

03. Cradle To Grave Image Management
The Best Way To Calibrate A Monitor
Standardizing Color Management
Adjusting Color Picker Options
Working With Image Interpolation
ICC Profiles Explained
Handling Profiles Within An Image
Setting Performance Settings

04. Common Photographic Techniques
0401 Introduction
0402 Image Color And Bit Depth
0403 Image Resizing Techniques
0404 Cropping And Straightening
0405 Working With Perspective Warp

05. Working With Camera Raw Files
0501 Introduction
0502 Camera Raw Preferences
0503 The Camera Raw Plug-In
0504 Dealing Directly With Color And Balance
0505 Cropping And Straightening Images
0506 Applying Settings To Multiple Images

06. Reducing Digital Noise
0601 Introduction
0602 What Is Digital Noise?
0603 Noise Reduction Through Filters
0604 Reducing Noise Using Channels
0605 Noise Reduction Using The Raw Plug-In

07. Giving Digital Images A Bit Of Help
0701 Introduction
0702 The Amazing Clone Tool
0703 Working With The Healing Brushes
0704 Removing Unwanted Background Objects
0705 Working With Facial Features
0706 Whitening Teeth
0707 Adding A Dash Of Color
0708 Moving Objects
0709 Handling The Dreaded Red Eye Problem

08. Increasing Image Sharpness
0801 Introduction
0802 Sharpening Images The Photoshop Way
0803 Working With Smart Sharpen
0804 The Unsharp Mask Filter
0805 Sharpening With The High Pass Filter
0806 Focusing Attention With Sharpen And Blur
0807 Using The Shake Reduction Filter

09. Removing Distortion And Correcting Perspective
0901 Introduction
0902 Lens Correction Using Camera Raw
0903 Auto Lens Correction
0904 Manual Lens Correction
0905 Working With Perspective Crop
0906 Using Perspective Warp

10. Working With Multiple Images
1001 Introduction
1002 Combining Multiple Images With Masks
1003 Using Two Images To Fix One
1004 The Amazing Photomerge Feature
1005 Moving Beyond Drop Shadow
1006 Moving Objects Within An Image

11. Creative Blur Effects
1101 Introduction
1102 Working With Field Blur
1103 Understanding Iris Blur
1104 Using Tilt And Shift
1105 Working With The Bokeh Effect

12. Light, Shadows, And Lens Flairs
1201 Introduction
1202 Working With Lighting Effects
1203 More Creative Lighting Effects
1204 Creating A Customized Lighting Effect
1205 Turning Day Into Night
1206 Adding A Movable Lens Flair

13. Working With HDR Images
1301 Introduction
1302 Working With Mini Bridge
1303 Generating An HDR Image
1304 Enhancing HDR Images In Photoshop

14. Converting Images To Black And White And More
1401 Introduction
1402 Converting Images To Black And White
1403 Aging An Image
1404 Creating Borders Using Displacement Maps
1405 Generating A Picture-In Picture Image
1406 Adding An Etherial Effect To An Image

15. Cloning, Healing And Patching Techniques
1501 Introduction
1502 Working With Clone Source Options
1503 Creative Uses For The Clone Tool
1504 Using The Clone Pattern Stamp
1505 Working With The Spot Healing Brush
1506 Cloning Techniques With Vanishing Point
1507 Correcting Photos With The Patch Tool

16. Enhancing Portraits
1601 Introduction
1602 Creative Wrinkle Removal
1603 Using The Spot Healing Brush Tool
1604 Changing The Overall Mood Of A Portrait
1605 Removing The Background Of A Complex Image
1606 Enhancing Lips, And Eyes
1607 Enhancing Eyebrows
1608 Changing Hair Color

17. Photographic Adjustments With Levels
1701 Introduction
1702 Working With The Levels Adjustment Layer
1703 Increasing Image Contrast
1704 Giving Help To Old Images
1705 Correcting Pesky Color Casts

18. Image Adjustments With Curves
1801 Introduction
1802 Adjusting Images With Curves
1803 Three Methods For Improving Image Contrast
1804 Creative Masking Techniques

19. Solving Color Problems And More
1901 Introduction
1902 Solving Compatibility Issue With The DNG Format
1903 Correcting Images In 16-Bit Mode
1904 Adjusting Color Using The Raw Plug-In
1905 Adjusting Color On Multiple Images
1906 Correcting Images By The Numbers

20. Dodging, Burning, And Sponging
2001 Introduction
2002 Basic Dodging Techniques
2003 Using The Burn Tool
2004 Adding And Removing Color With The Sponge Tool
2005 Dodging And Burning With Blending Modes
2006 Non-Destructive Dodging And Burning With Adjustment Layers

21. Image Tips And Tricks
2101 Introduction
2102 Adding A Decorative Border
2103 Creating Custom Borders With Layer Masks
2104 Saving Custom Formats
2105 Quick Image Processing
2106 Quickly Aging An Image
2107 Generating An Image Map

22. The Art Of The Print
2201 Introduction
2202 Working With Color Settings
2203 Sharing With Behance
2204 Setting Up A Camera Raw Workflow
2205 Working With Soft Proofing
2206 The Print
2207 Closing Thoughts

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