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Download Adobe Photoshop CC video training couse

Link Download Adobe Photoshop CC video tutorials

75Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
75Download Adobe Photoshop CC
Download Adobe Photoshop CC

Description: This course is for people who want to learn Photoshop CC as quickly as possible. The course lectures are designed to be well structured and straight to the point. This is no fluff, it allows you to learn more in less time.

Section 1: Introduction
1 Course Introduction
2 Introduction to Photoshop
3 The Workspace
4 Customizing the Workspace
5 Let’s create our Workspace!
6 Photoshop Basics

Section 2: Photoshop Layers
7 Introduction to Layers
8 How to manipulate Layers
9 Layer Groups

Section 3: Text Layers
10 Introduction to Text Layers
11 How to manipulate Text Layers
12 Setting the Type Properties
13 Applying Layer Styles
14 Perspective Text
15 Vertical and Stacked Text
16 Warped Text
17 Text on a Circle
18 Text on a Curve
19 Working with Paragraphs
20 Paragraph Inside a Shape
21 50 Beautiful Free Font Types – PDF, 4 стр.

Section 4: Image Layers
22 Introduction to Image Layers
23 How to manipulate Image Layers
24 Cropping Image Layers
25 Image Border
26 Drop Shadow Effect
27 Black and White
28 Duotone Image
29 Fade to Black
30 Blending Photos

Section 5: Shape Layers
31 Introduction to Shape Layers
32 Creating Basic Shapes
33 Creating a Starburst
34 Creating a Ribbon
35 Creating a Curved Shape
36 Importing Custom Shapes
37 Applying Layer Styles

Section 6: Photoshop Backgrounds
38 Introduction to Photoshop Backgrounds
39 Color Fill Background
40 Linear Gradient Background
41 Circular Gradient Background
42 Applying Gradients to Layers
43 Importing Gradients from the Web
44 Patterned Backgrounds
45 Importing Patterns from the Web
46 Applying Patterned Background to Layers
47 Using Images as Patterned Backgrounds
48 Applying Texture Overlays
49 Combining Background Effects

Section 7: Photoshop Brushes
50 Introduction to Photoshop Brushes
51 Using the Built In Brushes
52 Importing Brushes

Section 8: Photoshop Actions
53 Introduction to Photoshop Actions
54 Recording an Action
55 Importing Photoshop Actions
56 Ten Beautiful and Free Photoshop Actions – PDF, 4 стр.

Section 9: Photoshop Masks
57 Introduction to Photoshop Masks
58 Creating a Shape Mask
59 Creating a Text Mask
60 Creating a Gradient Mask
61 Creating a Brush Mask
62 Creating a Greyscale Image Mask

Section 10: Layer Selections
63 Introduction to Layer Selections
64 Making Shape Selections
65 Extracting an Image from a White Background
66 Complex Selections
67 Hairy Selections

Section 11: Photoshop Filters
68 Introduction to Photoshop Filters
69 Using the Filter Menu
70 Using the Filter Gallery
71 Importing Photoshop Filters

Section 12: Photoshop Paths
72 Introduction to Photoshop Paths
73 Rectangular Paths
74 Circular Paths
75 The Pen Tool
76 How to manipulate Paths
77 Curved Paths
78 Custom Paths
79 Creating Custom Shapes using Paths

Section 13: Resources
80 Free Resource Links – PDF, 2 стр.
81 Images used in this Course

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