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Download YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians video tutorials

Link Download YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians video training course

YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians
YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians

Download YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians
Download YouTube Marketing Mastery For Artists & Musicians

Year of manufacture: 2015
Manufacturer: Udemy.com
Manufacturer’s website: www.udemy.com/youtubemusicmarketing/?couponCode=JAN0
Author: Christopher Greenwood
Duration: 2:00 AM
Type of distribution: Video lesson
English language

Description: As an artist of Manafest, I sold over 300,000 albums worldwide, more than 1,000,000 singles and toured more than 20 different countries.
I have millions of views of my clips and lyrical videos that generate thousands of dollars to me, as well as thousands of subscribers.
YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and artists need to start using the platform to provide maximum visibility and attract fans.
Of all social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, I believe that the number one is YouTube, and every artist should focus on it.

As the artist Manafest I’ve sold over 300,000 albums worldwide over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 20 different countries.
I’ve had millions of views on my music videos and lyric videos.
YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine right behind google and artists need to start using the platform to maximize there visibility and grow their fanbase.
Out of all the social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest I believe the number one is the social media platform.
I have put this course together for you – to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free. (I update my courses every other month with the latest techniques)
I “take you by the hand” and “behind the scenes” and show you everything, explaining it in simple detail with videos and written support lectures.
See exactly why I’m so successful with YouTube – see the stats in the free preview videos, below).

See my YouTube account
1 Cent YouTube Ads Strategy
How To monetize your videos the right way
Nothing is left out – you see everything
… and my help and assistance to Udemy students is legendary

Section 1: PRO TIPS: Why YouTube & Introduction to This Course
Lecture 1 Watch First Introduction & Course Overview 01:59
Lecture 2 FREE PREVIEW: See how much I make on YouTube every month 01:21
Lecture 3 Top Secret: Multiplication Factor: 9,000 Videos of One Song Earning Money! 03:21
Lecture 4 How To Create a Video For Your Songs & Upload To YouTube 04:47

Section 2: Optimizing Your Videos
Lecture 5 Title & Description 03:31
Lecture 6 Tagging 06:56
Lecture 7 Playlists 01:51
Lecture 8 Annotations 03:47
Lecture 9 How To Create YouTube Thumbnails Using Canva.com For FREE 05:13
Lecture 10 Save Hours Of Time: Setup Default Settings For Your YouTube Page 02:13
Lecture 11 Action Steps & Inspiration Optimizing Your Videos 01:37

Section 3: YouTube Content Strategy
Lecture 12 Consistency Wins With YouTube 02:19
Lecture 13 How To Videos On YouTube 01:23
Lecture 14 Behind The Scenes & Live In Concert Footage 02:24
Lecture 15 Lyric & Music Videos 04:13
Lecture 16 Covering Other Artists Songs To Promote Your Music & Brand 05:21
Lecture 17 Action Steps & Inspiration Content Strategy 01:40

Section 4: Marketing Your YouTube Videos
Lecture 18 Do This First: Create a Google Adwords Account 01:50
Lecture 19 MUST WATCH: 1 Cent YouTube Strategy 12:25
Lecture 20 How to Promote Your YouTube Videos On Facebook 04:51
Lecture 21 YouTube Channel Art
Lecture 22 How To Embed Your Videos In Your Website Or Blog 03:43
Lecture 23 Action Steps & Inspiration Marketing Your Videos 02:47

Section 5: What I Learned From Visiting Googles YouTube Headquarters
Lecture 24 Pro Tip: How to verify your website domain inside of YouTube 01:31
Lecture 25 Increase Your Subscribers With Calls To Action & Outros 02:57
Lecture 26 Being Social On YouTube by Commenting Back on people videos on your videos 02:54
Lecture 27 YouTube Analytics – Must Watch For Advanced YouTube Users 09:31
Lecture 28 How To Monetize Your Videos The Right Way 06:56

Section 6: Bonus Lectures
Lecture 29 Bonus Inspiration Lecture & Coaching Opportunity 03:13
Lecture 30 How To Build Your Email List With YouTube 04:45

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