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Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown video training course

Link Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown video tutorials

80Software Training Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown(Software Training)
Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown

80Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown( Software Training )
Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Michael Brown

Description: Photoshop is the most powerful image editing software available today – used by photographers and graphic artists for image enhancement and editing, print and web design, and digital art. Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor Michael Brown is ready to teach you everything. His vast experience in real world photography and imaging gives him the ability to present Photoshop from a practical user’s point of view suitable for beginner through advanced students. His course will also guide you through how to professionally edit your images, teach you the basics of creating eye catching graphics designs, and show you how to create and modify impressive videos. Professor Brown is a multiple award-winning commercial photographer and a digital artist with over 25 years of real experience in the advertising industry. He is also an Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor and has been teaching and learning students in Photoshop for over 5 years.

I. Introduction
Introduction To Photoshop 14:46
The Importance of Quality 17:46
Light & Color 15:27
White Balance and Monitor Calibration 17:34
II. Workspace
The Workspace 20:17
The Tool Bar & Essential Shortcuts 14:16
The Menu Bar 17:00
Setting Preferences 18:36
III. Adobe Bridge
Adobe Bridge Overview 18:13
Importing, Sorting, and Rating 22:22
Getting Organized 13:09
Creating PDF’s and Web Photo Galleries 8:49
Adobe Bridge Summary 11:18
IV. Camera RAW
Camera RAW 11:44
Camera RAW, Part 2 22:40
V. Photoshop Basics
Categories 11:28
File Formats 9:37
Image Size, Canvas Size, & Resolution 20:54
Saving Your Images 17:18
Cropping & Straightening 13:59
Brushes 28:03
Sharpening Methods 18:03
Exposure & Color, Part 1 18:43
Exposure & Color, Part 2 26:00
Exposure & Color, Part 3 21:04
Gradients 24:05
The Transform Tools 20:05
Actions 16:17
VI. Selections
Introduction to Selections 24:41
Selection, Part 1 19:32
Selection, Part 2 31:29
Feather 13:24
Refining Selection Edges 31:28
Pen Tool, Part 1 25:33
Pen Tool, Part 2 26:08
Alpha Channels & Calculations 20:07
VII. Layers, Layer Masks, & Composites
Layers & Adjustment Layers 22:10
Layers & Adjustment Layers, Part 2 21:24
Layers & Masks Examples 16:29
Layer Composites, Part 1 26:04
Composites Part 2 24:06
VIII. Retouching
Basic Retouching: Tools & Techniques 28:56
Content Aware Functions 23:10
Retouching People: Part 1 21:33
Retouching People: Part 2 24:25
Retouching People: Part 3 20:28
IX. Filters and Blends
Basic Filters & Blend Modes 18:26
Blur Filters 25:12
The Liquify Filter 16:17
Vanishing Point Filter 18:45
X. Text
Using Text In Photoshop 31:49
Manipulating Text 13:58
More Text Effects 16:31
XI. Cool Features
Colorize and Black & White Conversion 13:16
Panorama 22:06
HDR 20:32
Photo Frame Effect 21:27
Creating & Editing Video 26:19
XII. Course Summary
Course Summary 6:38

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