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Download Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters video training course

Link Download Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters video tutorials

77Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters(Add Stylish and Creative Effects)
Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters

77Download Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters(Add Stylish and Creative Effects)
Download Mastering Adobe Photoshop Filters

Description: Understanding filters is important for every creative artist who uses Photoshop. In these video lessons, the digital artist Olaf Girmann will teach you how to apply and combine filters correctly, to stylize photos and create creative creative effects. First, it shows you how many Photoshop filters work and how to choose the right ones to get the results you expect. To do this, he presents a number of examples that demonstrate how to generate templates using the Content-Aware Fill, how to work with the Displace filter, create a lightning bolt with a sharp end, and much more. You will exit this course with a lot of advanced knowledge that you can use in your daily work in Photoshop.

What Are Filters? 05:44
Photoshop’s Plug-In Concept 04:23
What’s in a Name? 01:31
Working with Layers 03:28
Working Without Layers 03:58
Working with Smart Filters 07:04
Transferring and Rasterizing Smart Filters 03:38
Enabling Smart Filters for All Filters 04:47
Disadvantages of Smart Filters 06:48
Nondestructive Filtering with Neutral Layers 03:58
Resetting Filters 02:27
Speed It Up with Shortcuts 06:44
Speed It Up with Custom Panels 05:55
Highlight Your Favorite Filters! 03:42

Patterns and Borders
Creating Tileable Patterns 04:37
Creating Self-Updating Kaleidoscopic Effects 05:45
Creating a Perspective Grid 03:58
Creating Border Effects 04:18

Filtering Text
Filtering and Distorting Text Nondestructively 02:39
Using Soft Fonts 04:21
Breaking Up Text with Structures 02:38
Creating Depth 05:01

Using Filters Creatively
Brushed Metal 06:19
Camouflage 03:58
Star Field 06:59
Pooled Water Surface 02:14
Reflective Lake Surface 09:05
Thunderbolt 04:35
Little Planet 03:52

Graphic Effects for Photographic Images
Installing Pixelbender 02:14
Creating an Oil Painting Effect with Pixelbender 02:07
Using Pixelbender’s Droste Plug-In 04:14
Using the Lens Flare Filter 02:48
Creating a Pencil Sketch Effect 03:34
Creating a Comic Book Effect with Scan Lines 05:21
Edge Compression 06:55
Creating an Illustration Effect 07:37

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