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Download Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5 video tutorials

Link Download Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5 video trining course

85Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5

85Download Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Download Automate Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Description: Perhaps you did not suspect that automation and creativity go hand in hand, but sometimes it is. By automating tasks in Photoshop, you can speed up the process and free up time to work on the artistic aspects of photos. In this course from the expert Photoshop Tim Gray, you will start by learning the basic concepts of automation and, using basic automation tools, process a variety of images quickly and easily. Then you explore the action, an incredibly powerful tool for processing one or more images in a consistent way. You will learn how actions allow you to apply creative effects sequentially to your images and prepare images for distribution. In the end, you will work on various real projects that will consolidate the studied and demonstrate some ways by which you will be able to automate your work processes.

Automation Concepts
• What Is Automation?
• To Automate or Not to Automate?
• Methods of Automation

Batch Processing Tools
• Adding Metadata at Download
• Batch Renaming
• Using Metadata Presets
• Batch Raw Processing
• Using the Image Processor

Getting Started with Actions
• The Actions Panel
• Sets vs. Actions
• Action Panel Options
• Reading an Action
• Standard Default Actions
• Adding More Default Actions
• Moving Actions Between Sets
• Deleting Actions and Sets

Creating and Modifying Actions
• Recording a Simple Action
• Changing Action and Action Set Options
• Record Again
• Modifying an Action
• Using Action Stops
• Triggering a Dialog Box
• Creating an Action for the Image Processor
• Creating an Action for Batch Processing

Using Actions
• Playing an Action
• Batch Processing
• Creating and Using a Droplet
• Saving and Loading Actions

Actions Projects
• The Workflow Action
• Adding Copyright Text
• Automation as Memory Aid

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